Top Six Favorite Miles

1. Miles Davis (jazz musician)

2. The nautical mile (unit of measure)

3. Miles, Joel Goodson’s pal (character in the 1983 film “Risky Business”)

4. Miles City (town in Montana, population 8,410)

5. Buddy Miles (jazz/R&B drummer, played with Jimi Hendrix)

6. Miles Standish (military officer at Plymouth colony, sailed on the Mayflower with my 14-generations-removed relative Edward Doty)

Top Six Rejected Titles for the Johnny Hodges 1958 Jazz Album “Not So Dukish”


1. Why In The Hell Would You Say It Is Dukish

2. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Dukish

3. Guys, Check Out This Cigarette

4. Does This Tune Make My Ass Look Dukish

5. Totes Not Dukish

6. Dukish

The inimitable alto saxophone player Johnny Hodges played in Duke Ellington’s band from 1928-1970 (except for a hiatus from 1951-1955). His solo recordings were his chance to set himself apart from that tenure. Hence the title of this one, “Not So Dukish.”